Monday, September 18, 2017

Eyewear Fashion - Fall 2017

Eyewear Fashion - Fall 2017

The buyers from our office just returned from Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, where some of the world's most fashionable eyewear designers unveiled their newest collections.  We fell in love with a few new lines that we will be bringing into our office and really noticed some new trends for the patient who likes to be fashion-forward!  (Stay tuned to our Facebook page over the next week as we unveil some new finds!)


Round is vogue for eyewear and the person who wants to be wearing the latest trendy shape in fashion for eyeglasses and sunglasses will rush out and buy a pair of round specs!  The size ranges from the tiny "John Lennon" size round to the oversized movie-star glam.  We noticed round shapes made of classic tortoise, plated titanium in many colors, and many variations with acetate.


A double bridge is the hottest accompaniment to any shape, including the trendy round.  We noticed that the double bridge is taking many forms from the 1980's classic to edgier extended and shaped double bridges.  One thing for sure, if you like to set the trends, find your favorite shape in eyeglass frames and throw in a double bridge!


You've seen your favorite movie star wearing colorful mirror sunglasses and that is another of this year's biggest trend.  Unlike the classic mirror lens, the flash coating allows you to see the wearer's eyes through the sunglass.  The flash coating comes in many color variations from solid, to gradient, to rainbow.  From conservative to flashy, there is a flash mirror coat for everyone! (We highly recommend getting an anti-reflective coat on the back side of the sunglasses, especially when you have a mirror coat.


We've seen it creeping into the fashion scene for a while now, but the frame that combines multiple materials and textures is bigger now than ever.  We love the designers who have figured out a way to combine a light-weight titanium with a light-weight acetate to create a masterpiece eyewear.  We're also seeing acetate fronts with metal sides, and metal fronts with acetate sides. Layers and combinations of materials set your face apart from the rest.  


You might have noticed recently that models appear to be wearing lightly tinted colorful lenses.  This is another new trend we noticed this fall.  These tinted lenses aren't worn as much for blocking the brightness of the sun, as they are for making a fashion statement. The colors and intensity seem endless. The "blush" of color lets people know you are fashion forward!


Crystal frames started emerging on the fashion several years ago, but now they have arrived in a very big way!  For those special people who could rock the true crystal, great for you!  I've seen you walking down the street and you look amazing!!  For those who couldn't "pull it off,"  more frame lines have introduced crystal with a slight tint of color.  We have seen slight grey crystal, soft pink blush and soft champagne to name a few.  We also noticed the use of crystal components either in the frame face or temple, for just a touch of the trendy material. Now the "crystals" are available to a much larger demographic of eyewear lovers!

Stop by one of our optical boutiques and let our opticians and frame techs help you find the perfect trend-setting eyewear for your face and prescription!