Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hot Eyewear News from Vision Expo in Las Vegas!!!

Hot Eyewear News from Vision Expo in Las Vegas!!!

 We keep informed on trends we see emerge in eyewear fashion, and this year at Vision Expo in Las Vegas we noticed a lot of them!  Frames are continuing to get larger and rounder.  Crystal clear acetates are super hot and now are being shown with soft tints as well. Color is still big and being introduced in creative layering hand painting.  Mixed materials dominated many of the upscale lines, which fused together acetate and titanium, for unique looks and comfort.  Technology is growing by leaps and bounds, both on the frame side and the lens side. (Look for our upcoming blog on digital eye strain)
Here are a few of the favorite things we noticed this fall:
The new frames we ordered were larger,
rounder and very light-weight for maximum
comfort.  With their beautiful colors, multiple

quality materials, and modern designs,
these new "framed" Lindbergs
will make a great addition to our optical.

Some of our premier sunglass lines are
now offering new eyeglass lines.
These acetate/titanium combo frames
are one of the new styles offerecd by Costa.
Rounded frames are front and center
in the newest eyewear designs.  These
matte caramel colored beauties by
Barton Perreira were a group favorite.
Colorful layers, rounded shapes and
larger sizes were some of
 the design details we noticed
 in many lines. We loved these
new sunglasses by Lafont.

Larger, rounder frames are also being
show for sunglasses.  Many designs, like
 thesefrom Matsuda, are unisex.
These are NOT your grandfather's clip-on
sunglasses!  Several of our cutting edge
eyewear designers are creating custom
clip-on sunglasses to give you great flexibility
with your eyewear purchase.  These
Barton Perreira metal frames come
 with an acetate clip-on option
to give it great style and an
added layerof "coolness"!
Allied Metal Works is a new company that
we have added to our optical.  This company
 has state-of-the-art engineering for maximum
comfort and durability.  There are no hinge
pins to fall out, titanium makes them extra
light-weight, and they have unique layering
designs incorporating acetate and titanium.