Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Blue Light Protection

Blue Light Protection

The average person today spends over 10 hours per day looking at a screen*.  This can be a computer screen, a cell phone, a tablet, an e-reader or other digital device.  Blue light rays emitted from these devices may cause eye strain, headaches, and even sleep disorders. 

Eyeglass lens companies are now producing a variety of blue-blocking lenses and lens coatings. These are available in both prescription and non-prescription eyewear under a variety of names, and with a variety of purposes.

Parents are starting to realize the value of blue-blocking lenses for their school age children and have started asking for this feature in their children’s eyewear.  Many are purchasing special glasses to keep at the home computer so that it is readily available.

People who wear blue-blocking lenses have reported**:
·         98.2% have noticed significant sleep improvement
·         99.1% have noticed that their eyes feel more “relaxed” indoors
·         65.1% have noticed a significant reduction in headaches and migraines.

Remember to ask your eye doctor about which type of blue-blocking lens will best suit your needs for viewing your computer and other digital devices, and protecting your eyes from blue light.

*Nielson survery reported by CNN, July '16
**Blue Tech wearer survey.