Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Lens Technologies

What new technologies are available for my eyeglass lenses?

To understand the concept of new technology in eyeglass lenses, you must understand where we started.  Originally, eyeglasses were single vision (reading or distance), lined bifocal (reading at the bottom, distance at the top) and progressive bifocal without a line.  As your prescription increased, so did the thickness of your glasses to a point where you were seriously limited in the size of your eyeglass frames. 

Now, many advances have been made in lens technology.  High-index lenses provide a thinner, lighter lens that will enable the wearer to have more comfort and wear the latest fashion frames, without having to worry as much about the size of the frame.  This is especially advantageous as the size of the frame increases with the fashion trends.

With the introduction of digital lenses, a patient can now have a personalized fit that takes into account how you move your head and your eyes as you read and perform your daily tasks.  The newest lenses eliminate the “swim effect” and achieve stability in motion, which helps a patient more easily adapt to wearing progressive lenses.  It also provides a more expansive vision, increasing the “sweet spot” in your lenses so that your gaze shifts can be quick and automatic.

Special equipment is required to assess the measuring points required to achieve this new level of comfort.  The Smart Mirror at SEE Main Street and the Visio Office at Memphis Family Vision perform up to 20 measurements to give you the most individualized lens possible, for that “wow” effect.

At Memphis Family Vision and SEE Main Street, we strive to offer the most advanced technology available to enable our patients to have the best vision possible.  Our optical dispensaries offer a full range of lenses, from the inexpensive budget lens to the revolutionary, state-of-the-art digital progressive lens.  Ask your doctor which lens will fit your needs the best.