Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hot off the Press: The Bausch + Lomb Ultra Contact Lens!

Hot off the Press: The Bausch + Lomb Ultra Contact Lens!

The newest silicone hydrogel contact lens available on the market has been rolled out by Bausch + Lomb and we have it at Memphis Family Vision and SEE Main Street! The Bausch + Lomb Ultra lens is a monthly replacement, super moist, high oxygen transmission contact lens. According to Bausch + Lomb, "the new lens technology, which has been studied and developed for seven years, combines a breakthrough material with new manufacturing processes to produce a contact lens that breaks the cycle of discomfort for unsurpassed comfort and vision all day."

Who might be a good candidate for the Bausch + Lomb Ultra contact lens?

Optometrists have noticed that many patients are spending more than 10 hours each day using digital devices. We know that it is critical to surpass current standards for comfort, vision, and eye health.  The B+L Ultra lens seems to fit the bill.

Dr. Greg Usdan notes, "This lens is a great option for patients with dry eyes, or patients who have dropped out of contact lens wear due to dryness.  The lens is super easy to handle and has a light blue visibility tint so it can be easily seen for insertion." It is currently available only for single vision patients powers from +2.00 to  -9.00, but will be available in extended powers within 90 days.  

This lens has the absolute highest oxygen transmission of any soft lens available today, and also has the new B&L MoistureSeal technology built in, giving it all day comfort and exceptional vision.  

Where can I get this new lens?

The doctors at the Memphis Family Vision Practice are the first office in town to have this lens and will be the only place to get this lens for the near future.  Dr. Usdan has already begun wearing the Bausch + Lomb Ultra contact lens and has been very pleased so far!

If you have been out of contacts due to dryness or handling issues, this may be the answer for you. To see if you're a good candidate for the B+L Ultra Lens, call one of the doctors at Memphis Family Vision or SEE Main Street for an evaluation.

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