Thursday, June 22, 2017

Summer Heat and Your Sunglasses

Summer Heat and Your Sunglasses

Driving presents a challenge to eyeglass wearers, specifically the need to switch to prescription sunglasses on a sunny summer day.  Purchasing a high quality sunglass lens, with a high quality anti-reflective coating, is just as important as having a premium eyeglass lens.  While driving, you will need to move your head a lot and focus on both the near objects on the dashboard, as well as the distant objects while driving.  You will also need every tool possible to avoid the sun’s glare and the danger it causes.

Many people leave their sunglasses in the car all of the time, as that is where they are most likely to be used.  This presents a unique challenge in warm climates, because many lens coatings can sometimes crack or peel when exposed to the harsh temperatures inside your car on a hot summer day.  At Memphis Family Vision, we urge our patients to take advantage of the highest quality lens coatings we offer, as they are less likely to crack or peel when exposed to the high heat inside your “oven on wheels.”

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